Do you love fashion? Are you updating with the latest trends? The fashion industry is a never-ending trading short it’s all about creativity. Every person wants to look allure and attractive. If you have eye-catching abilities then you are fit in this industry.


Fashion stylists are those, who create and coordinating the outfits, accessories for the clients. They are responsible for creating a new look for artists, TV advertisement, and retail displays.They are always up-to-date with the upcoming trends and latest designs. A fashion stylist’s job has no description limits.


    In this profession, first, you will have to take a degree from any fashion university. First, complete your bachelor’s degree and then jump into it.
  2. Internship & Researches:
    First, your bachelor’s degree, do various internships and strong your grip on this field. Attach to the fashion industry and work with them. Study the previous fashion era. Work, work, and do a lot of work in this field.
  3. Build your network:
    Attending fashions shows, showrooms. Attend numerous industry events. Make friends in the fashion industry. Don’t be hesitating in asking questions.
  4. Work, work, work:
    Make your portfolio for the best job. Work with the designers and the influencers. Don’t wait for opportunity, fight for it. Assist clothing buyers for the retail chain.
  5. Up-to-date:
    Always stay up-to-date with the changing trends. keep your eye on every work of fashion stylist in the industry.
  6. Fashion sense:
    A fashion stylist should be known about:
     Science of textile
     History trend
     Color combination
     Designs
  7. Make your website:
    Create an eye-catching homepage. Make a stylish website on internet and post your every work. A good website recognizes your work in the industry. For stylish, it is the best way to represent their work globally.
  8. Sell your style to the client:
    Present your style to the client that they would be comfortable with your idea. Bring creativity and changes in your client’s outfit.
  9. Test shoots:
    Test shoots are making your style and practicing with your clients. Find photographers or makeup artists and work with them. Build your strong connection with clients and with the fashion industry.
  10. Stay motivated:
    Watch every fashion shows on TV. Keep your head in the game and know all the upcoming styles for each season. Get inspired by events taking place around the world and work that into a style.