Headscarfs Wearing Tips

Word fashion has contained diversity in it. Many layers, ups, and downs in the fashion industry. But its glamour never falls down. Fashion is not just a wearing concept, it is the essence of our presence, personality, and beliefs. Every culture has its styling niche. Every border represents by its own culture and traditions. It’s just not a gossip between styling, it is the representation of charm. We want to make every minute of our styling mystique. In the beginning, girls are one step forward in fashion then boys, but now this concept has totally changed. Girls follow fashion
bloggers, fashion influencers, models, and actresses to just get tips and tricks from them. Everyone wants to look at allure and charm.

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Eastern and western has its own pros and cons in style mania. Eastern has its own styling mania and western has its own. But in Eastern religion is a basic part of style wearing clothes but in western isn’t it.
EASTERN STYLE: in eastern style include shalwar kameez, dupatta, chaddar, mostly in Asia and the Middle East has this trend.
RELIGIOUS has also played a role in this manner. In ISLAM women should cover their bodies with burqas and face with chador or dupatta.
WESTERN STYLE: western culture is totally opposite to eastern culture.Where people get dress according to their identity, choice. In western styles include formal dress, pants, jeans, blazers, and a nonstop list of dresses.


In the late 40’s the iconic images of WWII being Rosie the Riveter in the ‘We Can Do It’ poster, who tied up her hair with a polka dot scarf in a bid to boost female worker morale. The image went on to become an emblem of feminism, and a hairstyle commonly referenced in pop culture. After many models wore scarves with different styles. Different genres have different styles of wearing headscarf like, in hip hop bandanas use.


In Islam veil is the symbol of respect, pride, and honor. Islam teaches every woman to veil when going outside or in front of any stranger. There are four types of wearing headscarves in Islam for women:
(1) https://youtu.be/7B0kcat32kU

It is the name of a similar variety of headscarves. You can carve your scarf 1,2 or 3 times and fix it with any pin or safety pins.
2. Chador:
A big piece of cloth, we can cover our head and body with it but the face is not cover. Especially in Iran, the color of chador is black.

3. Niqab:
In niqab, women hide her half part of her face instead of her eyes and in many cities of Pakistan, women gives preference to niqab and hijab.

4. Burqa:
We think niqab and burqa are the same but quite different in it. In burqa style, women wear a cup burqa, in which her whole body is covered none part of her face or body display. In KPK and other northern areas of Pakistan, women wear burqas. Now in this fast-moving galaxy, there are very creative in wearing a headscarf. Fashion bloggers, stylists, and designers created many styles for every type of girl/woman.