As a poet said: you can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. Clothes means nothing if someone lives in them. After food, dressing is the main part for essence in our life. The word fashion is originated from France, country of proactive style. Paris is known for its fashion icon in the world, we can say that: The birth place of fashion. Paris has been the fashion capital for the western style from 18 th century to till date. Everyone loves to attend fashion show in Paris and adopted her style  icon. From head to toe every style, fashion migrated from Paris to her other localities. After that economy rate was uplifted and harnessed the power of France’s fashion leadership.

Before that a women wore a French style-hood, in which half of her hair showed and a very anticipatory look. Then French were famous for their liberal attitude. In late 17 th century King Louis XIV as known as Sun king, he moved the French court to the Versailles. He is the one who noticed the thirst fashion sense of France and changed into the Capital of fashion world. He designed portraits and also love to wear unique style of dresses and wigs during royal court.

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Haute Couture:
It is a deep routed aspect of fashion’s culture and it’s international profile-mostly like always be. The leadership of Paris in women's fashions accelerated during the nineteenth century, with the rise of what became known as the haute couture. The structure of the industry also evolved, as dressmaking moved from being a small-scale craft to a big business. A hand made dresses, all the work was done with help of hands from its sewing to its designing. The Englishman Charles Frederick was famous for his couturier styles. He portrayed himself as an artist and an arbitrator. His function was to work according to the mind of his clients and dresses them accordingly. He is known as –FATHER OF HAUTE COUTURE and still call that. Trending of writing names own dresses was also emerged from the mind of Charles, when he put his name on his labeling tags. Paris was the house of fashion shows and all the fashion magazines were either based in or looked to Paris for their information. For women throughout the Western world, Paris was the be all and end all of clothes.

What is Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture:
Pret-a-porter/ready-to-wear: designer cloth you can buy in stores and take with their home. Haute couture: the custom clothes made for you by a designer that may take weeks or monthly to finish.

How world war II affected the fashion house of Paris? World war II was badly affected the France fashion icon. Many couture shops shuttered down. Many employees were empty-handed and this affected the economy of Paris. Those who remained in business got every little customers and materials trading. But some designers consisted with their work in that horrific time. Claire McCardell was the one who made a virtue of "the American Look" during this hiatus in Parisian fashion leadership. McCardell used humble fabrics such as cotton calico, denim,
jersey, and even synthetics, effectively ennobling everyday materials by way of thoughtful design and deftly executed construction. She was the one who made the women’s sportswear brand. She changed Parisian look in American style. McCardell's clothes became a mainstay in the wardrobe of college girls, working women, and housewives alike. What happened after the war? When the war ended, the reestablishment of the fashion industry was on the top priority list of French government. In 1947 Paris found its fashion champion leadership. Dior and his contemporaries, such as Jacques Fath and Hubert de Givenchy, introduced a new development in the fashion business.

Paris faced many ups and downs in fashion industry but she didn’t lose hope. Many designers stole their ideas or dresses icon. Some left the country and worked for the countries’ industries. The strong fashion  fought was between Italy, France, and America. Both have creative minds, investment and proactive style. The globalization of textile and garment manufacturing is changing the economics of the entire fashion  system, helps to drive an array of luxury goods from perfume t handbags and ready-to-wear lines. But the question is why Paris is still the capital of fashion:
1. They have couture houses ,other countries have not and still they have. This retains the prestige of Paris.

2. Most important fashion shows organize in Paris and people showtheir work. People love to take education form Paris, capital of France.
3. From clothes to accessories they have their own fantastic brands. They maintained the reputation of fashion city.
4. Museums are also present where old iconic history of fashion is displayed.

Successful Brands:
Record breaking and bestselling brands people still loves them and buy comeliness products like accessories, clothes etc.
4. Channel
5. Louis Vuitton
6. Hermes
7. Sézane
8. Musier

9. Rouje
And there is a stoppable list of brands, who make the Paris number one fashion industry in the world.

Paris and success:
Paris faced hardships but never fall down and it is the big example for entrepreneurs. Everyone wanted to look down her but who cares; France fashion icon is never replaceable. France has a heavy fashion weight and no one beats her in this game. In war season no foreign reporters were allowed in and no designers were allowed out during occupation but stills France got the title of FASHION ICON and known as Capital of fashion. And still some designers still worked and brought their country
to the peak. “ La vie est belle-life is beautiful”.