These are the traits within us that build the fashion industry. Fashion is a method of communication. In some way, fashion helps us to show what we are, in short, it depicts our personality.
Everyone wants to improve their lifestyle whether it’s in living or in dressing. From ram walk to our bathroom everything includes is fashion. People create fashion, modern standards. Like, Paris is the capital of fashion. Our dressing style paints our current mood. Fashion must be an eye-catching skill. Fashion has no boundaries. It changes with the passage of time. Every genre has its own fashion style icon just like men’s fashion of the ’80s. It has bright colors, motifs, designs, etc, which we may copy in 2020.in the quote: “FASHION IS MORE ABOUT FEEL THAN SCIENCE’’

Do you still love 80’s fashion? Are the 80’s back in men’s fashion? The ’80s were full of colors and an interesting time period. In this era, men’s fashion was at a peak and everybody wanted to look stupendous. From bum bags and chunky sneakers to dad jeans and windbreakers, the best of the 1980s is back and better than ever. Here’s how to rock ’80s fashion for men in modern times.

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80’s fashion time:
The decade was filled with bold styles, vibrant colors and voluminous style, preppy fashion, and much more. The unique style of the ’80s was a punk style, loose shirts with bold colors, shining leather jackets, and silhouettes.

1. 80’s Casual dress:

In causal dressing denim or double denim was on the top of the list. T-shirts and loose shirts were also added in it, with denim jackets made perfect look. The bomber jacket is a fit piece of outwear that every man should wear. A bomber jacket can make an excellent choice for both casual and smart-casual occasions. All you need to do is pick the right style and tailor the rest of your look to suit. The second thing is footwear, white sneakers were the optimum causal shoe that perfect for the match. The TV screen wasn't the only medium to influence 80s fashion, like blockbuster films of the decade did the same. Leather and sports-themed jackets, worn by Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, Sylvester Stallone in Cobra, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator were a few of the styles that men in the 80s favored.

2. 80’s hip hop fashion:

Hip hop has its own charm, disco niche. Mostly rappers, dancers, musicians adopted this dapper sense. Rappers like LL Cool J began creating hip hop singles with catchy melodic hooks. In these hip hop mania baggy clothes, also featured sportswear details, like sneakers and athletic caps, parachute pants, and statement accessories, like chunky gold chains. In hip hop chains are necessary for 80’s fashion.

3. 80’s preppy fashion:

It is the style attire of boats classic colors and prints. Back to the ’80s, it showed the class status. Wealthy teenagers who went to preparatory and Ivy League schools did this style. Preppy fashion was originated from the upper and high upper class of youth. In these bold colored shirts, polo shirts include shades of pink, light blue, yellow, and black enhanced an iconic mullet. Peg-legged jeans
Cuffed khakis, Penny loafers, or bright white sneakers. Ginghams and tartans and tailoring your pants and blazers add a more youthful look. Without accessories look is incomplete, so in preppy styles black sunglasses was in use. Today's teenagers are more often seen in subtle shades. Complete the 80s look with some high wasted, pleated trousers and polo shirts.

4. 80’s workout fashion:

The word athleisure is used for workout styles. Athleisure is a way of dressing that combines sportswear with ready-to-wear. In the ’80s tracksuits were at a massive rate. Included sweatpants,
tracksuits, windbreakers, and athletic shorts.

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5. 80’s SUMMER Fashion:

In summer collection mostly casual, baggy styles wear like in the ’80s featured bright colors, abstract prints, short-sleeved shirts, and short shorts. Acid washed denim jeans also worn.


Michael Jackson was the music icon; the father of music icon and no icon is bigger than him. In 80’s rock fashion shiny leather jackets, black shiny boots. The clothing was wild and there was plenty of makeup. In rock bands, wild type of dressing was considered and also featured a lot more hardware and eye-catching hairstyles, including brightly colored Mohawks and spikes.


Printed suits were worn at that time, gents would pair with a tie, shirts, and suspenders. Long courts were also worn with it. Outside the office, pastel-colored suits were on high rotation and were regularly partnered with crew-neck T-shirts instead of button-ups. Think wide padded shoulders, bold pinstripes, and a set of suspenders.


During 80’s fashion period, floral shirts, oversized printed shirts, t-shirts with logos or neon signs. Other famous designs included crop tops and baseball t-shirts. Two types of shirts were at the top of the list: casual and business.

  • For business banker shirts, striped shirts, suspenders and leather brown shoes were used.
  • For causal polo shirts, printed floral shirts. Others were, lose shirts with vibrant colors. Eye-catching neon signs printed on the shirts.

9. 80’s accessories and hairs fashion:

Last but no the least, without these look, is incomplete and dull. For men without accessories is just like a wall without paint. In 80’s wardrobe filled with bum bags, colorful sunglasses, gold chains chunky white sneakers, watches. Some used earrings also.

80’’s Fashion and today’s

Throughout the decade, long locks and voluminous styles, including the iconic mullet, were extremely popular. For businessman slicked back hairstyle. But musicians, hip-hoppers used different types of frizzy hairs. As we look back to ’80s then all the stylish icon is discovered from that period. Men’s love causal dress then formal dresses.

80’s fashion will pop up in fashion 2020?
As we look back that 80’s style has all the attractive, colorful geometric designs and bold patterns that every man wants in 2020.