One week or one month before the match started, fans have done all their work for the match. They bought printed t-shirts, jerseys on which their favorite player’s name mention. From kids to old dads everyone is ready for seeing their favorite on TV. It is interesting to show how both teams’ fans are prepared mentally and physically. Their emotions, love, and sympathy are always with their teams. Their level of dopamine is on a peak when the game stuck between the 2-1 score and all the court started to pray for their team winning. The excitement of both team players and fans are very different and also change after passing every minute of the game of their name labels. Fans cheer up their team players by sing-song, shouting their names, wear basketball team jerseys (on which their names printed on it). Every fan loves to address like his/her favorite team player like mostly wear jerseys.

Life is more fun if you play games.

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Here are the few tips and tricks of wearing basketball jerseys for boys and girls:

You cannot put on something as your wish and go out with it or standing right behind your team. Some tricks should be following by every boy and girl who loves to get the dress for their favorite team’s players.

How boys wear basketball jersey fashionably:

  1. Complete outfit:

Dress properly in a decent manner. Wear basketball shorts or track pants to dress invariably from head to toe.

  1. Know where to wear:

If you love to wear jerseys than you also know where you have to wear and where not. Place where basketball should wear:

  • Sport bar
  • Game time
  • Beach
  • Halloween parties
  • Own house
  • Jersey theme day

Where not to wear:

  • Political parties
  1. Never tuck your jersey:

Jerseys are casual attire. Some boys have a habit to tuck their shirts in but with jersey isn’t acceptable. Don’t tuck your jersey unless you want to be the biggest dork in the room. Society doesn’t accept you.

  1. Don’t forget to put on shirts:

Jersey is a sporty thing and for its vibrant look wear a shirt with it. Use a t-shirt under it. It looks great with it. It still looks stupid to have nothing under a sleeved jersey. Wearing an undershirt with your jersey will give you a slightly more formal look.

  1. Opt for a bigger size:

Big man, the big jersey is the ultimate goal. Nobody wants to fit size jersey. Always go for a larger size for yourself. Everybody loves to have a jersey which can be worn rather relax or at ease.

  1. Dress in athletic bottoms to complement your jersey:

With jerseys wear shorts. Wear shorts with jerseys give a very attractive look for boys. Make sure your color of shorts matches with the color of your jerseys. For example: if your jersey is orange, you may want to wear shorts that are blue, like blue or red complements and enhances orange in clothing.

  1. Accessories and shoes matter:
  • The dressing isn’t complete without shoes and accessories. With jerseys use white sneakers. On beach use sandals or flip flops.
  • Try to wear sneakers without a lot of scuff marks. Your jersey will look best when paired with shoes that look brand new.
  • In summer, with jerseys use sunglasses and this look is a bomb.
  • Chains produce very aesthetically.
  • Some boys use hats with it or some not, it is your choice.

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  1. Don’t wear a jersey of a team that isn’t playing in the game.

Whatever you wear but don’t wear a jersey that isn’t playing in the court. it an embarrassing moment for you. The best way to avoid any inspection is to get an All-Star Game jersey. You can wear those to any game in the country, and nobody will give you a brickbat for it.

  1. Blank jerseys:

Jerseys are always better with a player’s name and number on them. Some jerseys you can’t wear a blank, like a basketball or a football. Baseball and hockey jerseys can be worn blank, but making the effort to remedy that is always appreciated.

  1. Store in a proper way:

Jerseys are made of wool and very furry cloth. If you store in a drawer or any cupboard then wrinkles are on it and look very oldie look. Properly hang them.


  1. Do tie a side knot:

Oversized jerseys look comfy but without proper styling, it looks an old sack. Create some cool look by tying a side knot with the pair of denim pants and black sneakers.

  1. Don’t choose baggy bottoms:

Skip baggy bottoms. Use ripped pants, sweatpants, or blue short shorts. Pair with black boots or some strappy sandals.

  1. Hairstyle:

A jersey look is always a causal look. A ponytail, loose curls, braids, or lose bum are good choices and will give a damn look.

  1. Shoes and accessories:

For a comfy look wear Adidas sneakers or glitter shoes or sneakers. Some girls use heels also and it looks cool.

  • Tennis shoes
  • Flat sandals
  • Flip flops
  • Accessories like a hat, scarf