Everything has its good and bad effects; no one is 100% perfect. Just like us; we’re not 100% perfect in our skin. We have our flaws, wrinkles, sizes, and color. We all humans on this planet are different from one another like five fingers aren’t equal. Everyone has different genes, different DNA working, and persona. Divergence in our perspective has also affected in different dynamics of our life. Just like in the fashion industry. Digital media made this fashion feature like a fairy tale but not all glitters are gold. In this industry especially for women, it’s so hard to work. As a model, you will have small eyes, long shiny black smooth hair, white skin, medium size hand and arms, small nose, 5’6 height; and one more thing but not the least that is collar bone called as beauty bone you must have. In this industry, if you want to survive or gain fame then you will have to suffer from body shaming. It’s not easy to walk with the plus-size or black skin body on-ramp. Body shaming is the water that every model drinks and survives. No matter how it affects or manifests, it often leads to shame, judgment, and criticism. Many magazines, TV shows, comedy-dramas played a vital role in body shaming and leads to great depression but who cares. In the fashion industry, body shaming is about the criticism of ”too fat’’ or ‘’skinny bodies’’. Body shamming became the trolling trend for the plus size women in fashion history. No one wants this fat belly girl runs on the ramp and gives a bad appearance. In the past, it’s so hard for plus size women to find their dresses because no one is ready to merchandise plus size dresses. Let’s deep dive into the problems faced by the plus size women. Everyone sees plus size women as a sexual object; marketers are very keen to undress them with their bare hands. Some plus-size women are invited only for an ‘’underwear’’ branding. Sometimes designers produced poor quality, frumpy style, and cheap fabric material for fat women.

Fitting problems:

80 out of 100 plus size women do complain about the fitting issues. According to them, they are fat but not tall. It doesn’t mean they’re fat and have a large bust. It’s so hard for them to find clothes that fit their body. Many plus-size women are hourglass but some don’t. It’s a big fail for most brands when hard to find fit clothes. They don’t measure correctly because weight varies. An often plus-size woman carries their bodies differently than straight-sized girls. What people don’t have this perspective that with growing stage everyone faces change, they have different measurements from head to toe. Some pathetic brands maybe measure on their own without testing. Plus size women also face problems while choosing bra collection, because people think they are fat so they have a large bust but it’s not true anymore. Most brands showcase DD size if you’re plus but it’s not happening right all the time.

Not always easy to find when larger sizes are available:

Being fat is a constant struggle between invisible and too visible. Women are shaking to a plus-size fashion hub. According to plus size, women retailers want our money in their pockets but not our bodies in their space. Due to this fact stuff of fashion for plus size woman are very rare. Some brands started to merchandise fashion for plus-size women but there is a limit of labeling, styling, colors and sizes. Some fit in them or some just flatter. Also, some designers don’t think out of the box they thought that plus size dresses contain 2x cloth than others. Not every stuff of fashion for plus-size women has curvy, chubby, flat bodies they are dissimilar from one another. Online shopping for plus size women isn’t a cup of tea. In the beginning, there were very few amounts of stores that did branding of extra-extra-large clothes and it was so hard for plus size women to find online shops for their shopping desire. The pricing issue was not a blue plate special for plus-size women.

Fashion labels refused to dress a plus-size model for the cover page:

Ten years ago it’s a very hard game for women who are above 12 sizes to fulfill their clothing desire. It doesn’t easier to show you on the front page of the vogue cover. For so long it’s hard to live with the plus-size body because the world belongs to thin. Vogue cover wasn’t agreeing to capture Ashley Graham on their front page cover. Some called fashion for plus size woman as a meaningless thing. This concept of a fat body is still present, evident on some runways. Some magazines focused on the pretty face of plus-size women rather than full-body because said that they didn’t fit in the frame properly. The other issue in the fashion industry is male dominancy. A major part of the fashion area covered by the male community and had affected plus size women greatly. According to fashion spot; held in 2016, 679 covers were given to 12 size women. Even in the category of 1% plus size women didn’t exist in 2016. Magazines act as a stimulus of awareness between the societies, even if they act in an unethical way then how people gain awareness and confidence?

Are international brands trying to solve plus-size problems?

Fashion is the stigma of communicating and socializing. In the past, stuff related to fashion for plus size woman was very limited. Now social media has a major role in solving the problems of fashion for plus-size women because when the pressure exceeds everyone tries to maintain their reputation. Now companies and brands started ground working for plus-size women.
Singer-songwriter Lizzo, yoga teacher and model Ashely Graham, actress Aidy Bryant and other famous stars use their social media platforms to advocate for body acceptance.
Cesareo said in her interview: ”for every woman become very important to live according to their mindset, whether she has long or short hair; or has 12 sizes or 14. Whatever they have shape, she must have full freedom to enjoy her life confidently”.

In another interview, Siriano said: a designer has to make people good. They are here to make people cute, allure, and elegant in their dresses. You want to look perfect in a dress and your size is 26? Why not?
Now the plus-size community has been expanded. There have been a series of campaigns that shook the fashion industry. Helped women everywhere to embrace their curvy bodies and walk confidently.


The campaign of Lane Bryant acts like storm in a teacup. This campaign gave awareness to the low- mindset societies that plus women are also creatures they have also freedom of dressing. The brand thought it was the right time to allow women’s voice. They stitched slogan t-shirts with the #PluIsEqual hashtag. This campaign covered billboards, magazines, and ads with models. There were also the successful runways done during New York Fashion Week, showcased women with full glory.


Due to smartphones and hectic schedules keep most of us away from beauty. A viral video in which plus-size women walked naked in the streets. She is wearing nothing but a pair of heels and a nude panty. When editors, photographers, and mode about the campaign then she explained, it was a very carefree and deliberating experience. People’s reactions very positive and kept me ongoing. Navabi shows that all women can walk and feel confident or confident without clothes. This campaign is also in the favor of plus-size women.


Stunning plus-size Ashley Graham took a step in the fashion industry and stood against all the stereotypes regarding plus-size body shamming issues. She launched her lingerie with the addition, Elle, with the hashtag #IAmSexy to empower curvy women. Her latest collection covered by the gorgeous and sophisticated curvy women’s chic. This is a powerful step for plus-size women to embrace their lumpy figure instead of hiding.

CURVESINBIKINIS BY swimsuitsforall

Swimsuitsforall is the campaign for curvy plus-size women. They create swimsuits for all women types of all sizes and shapes. They shoot famous model Graham in this campaign #CurvesInBikins. In this swimsuit, she looked sexy and slinky. Everyone just can’t keep their eyes off of her. This campaign helping to expand the narrow definition of female beauty. It provides leading light to other brands to showcase women of types of all sizes and shapes.

Bottom line:

Other brands, campaigns, and magazines are now stepping forward to promote plus-size persona. ASOS is the big leading fashion brand that offers sizes, designs for big pretty busted plus size women. You can shop ASOS for 16-26 size dresses easily. ModCloth started stitched plus-size dresses in 2013. Since then, a plus option site is available. Their range is available for 24/26.
No matter you are short or tall, have a large or small bust, or have flaws or wrinkles you are beautiful in any way. Just keep confidence in yourself and embrace your life with trust.